Features of the Lifepoint Rock Bolt Anchor System

Benefits That Outshine Competitors

The Lifepoint rock bolt anchor system offers a wealth of benefits which make it the top of its class in mine shaft safety. Not only through its simple design is it beneficial for onsite use, but its self-testing and more are essential points in its continued success.

Lifepoint Rock Bolt Anchor System

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Easy Assembly and Set Up

Easy Assembly and Set Up

Self Testing System

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Self Testing System

Lifepoint self-tests as you set it up. The system allows for the testing of a two person fall arrest anchor to alleviate external testing and ultimately save you time and money.

The system is made up of a five-piece assembly that easily screws one on top of the other into the rock bolt anchor attached to a shaft wall.

Australia-wide Distribution

Australia-wide Distribution

Patented Load-sensing Washer

Patented Load-sensing Washer

We deliver our Lifepoint rock bolt anchor system Australia wide through our list of dedicated distributors, so if you need it in your local area, chances are we can deliver.

See our full list of distributors here.

Our load sensing washer tests the integrity of the rock bolt to support a two person fall arrest to take the guesswork out of testing for you.

Easy Installation and Set Up

The Lifepoint rock bolt anchor has easy assembly and installation on site, creating a seamless set up so you can get to work.

Step 1

Place the dome plate and dome washer over the bolt.

Step 2

Place the factory set up Lifepoint anchor and crush washer over the bolt and up against the dome washer.

Step 3

Screw the nut onto the bolt. Make sure that the Lifepoint anchor has been oriented to the correct position.

Step 4

Tighten the nut onto the crush washer until the load sensing indicating tabs have been fully deployed.

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