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MCA Engineering - The Brains Behind Lifepoint

MCA Engineering are an Australian-led engineering solutions and equipment hire company, specialising in mine shaft services, fabrication, rock bolting, and drilling. They facilitate the design and manufacturing of mining equipment, particularly mine shaft rescue equipment. They provide construction, maintenance, and industrial services across the energy, resources, and infrastructure sectors throughout Australia.

MCA Engineering

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Mine Shaft Safety Specialists

MCA Engineering are the mine shaft specialists for your project with up-to-date certifications in safety. Their shaft work capability includes design and construction projects as well as shutdown work. MCA Engineering projects have included the design, build, and commissioning of both a triple-deck drilling stage concept with overhead protection and a purpose-built 5-deck stage. They have carried out structural or concrete replacement as well as various shaft recovery projects involving the removal of redundant steel work, replacement of fixed guides, and installation of new steel work. Outside of Lifepoint, MCA Engineering have had the opportunity to manufacture equipment and vehicle attachments that will assist in mine shaft rescue operations across Australia.

Mine Shaft Safety Specialists

MCA Engineering have a range of qualified engineers in civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering, so they can cover your needs mine shaft safety. Their strong engineering capabilities produce detailed studies for the concept, pre-feasibility, feasibility, and commissioning stages of a project. Their engineering services also cover:

  • Structural Integrity Assessment
  • Constructability Assessment
  • Certification of Equipment and Structures
  • Risk Analysis and Evaluation
  • Lifting Study
  • Estimation
  • Project Engineering
  • Drafting and 3D Modelling
  • Shop Fabrication Drawings
  • Finite Element Analysis

Mine Shaft Engineering and Fabrication Solutions

Fabrication Solutions

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MCA Engineering’s Travel Capabilities

MCA Engineering are based in Thornton but can service surrounding areas of Australia including:

  • South Australia
  • New South Wales
  • Queensland

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